i like how the title is optional

27 May

i think its beyond bizare to findout exactly how someone else feels.

i read what a friend had to say about me, and it just doesnt seem to add up with how i view myself OR how i view our relationship.

a.) i would think recognizing when one’s self is being overtly judgemental would be…well pretty obvious, i can be extremely judgemental, but the last few times when ive been with my friend, i try to make sure there are plently of laughs and nothing too serious to talk about

b.) im completely losing my ability to communicate with anyone. i dont even tell my boyfriend about serious contemplating ive been doing…careerwise, school; and than for my friend…..

i just dont understand how everything is so complicated when there are plenty of words in the English vocabulary and tons of time to actually discuss something face-to-face.

why cant we just sit down and talk out all the problems weve been having? instead of letting them build and build, until it seems like we cant even find each other anymore


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