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the life of a college student.

24 Aug

alot of people have these great assumption that college life is a.) tons of parties b.) easy c.) fun

i am NOT getting into 100,000’s into debt, for “fun.” I have much more of a brain than that.

in the world we currently live in, (21st century WOOT) a highschool diploma is a given and a college degree is necessity. Hell me even going to grad school is needed…you know another years of debt building and well more time in school….

political sidenote: why do you think im proudly NOT republican. The conservative groups think the cost of a community college, let alone a state university like mine, is affordable…..and that if a person REALLY wanted an education they can make it happen all on their own. (complete bs)

ANYWAYS, real point the financial aid that i have to pay back once i get out into the real world, is being denied….and everyone has a different reason for why i am not eligible.