i think my prob…

7 Sep

i think my problem with blogging has to do with a few things.

1.) i feel like i over analyze what i’m trying to convey. my emotions/thought processes because i know this is out there for anyone to stumble upon and read…which is mostly a no-go.

2.) then i just feel like compared to ALL the people I follow, my problems/issues are so insignificant.

and yet, i still love blogging. i love writing and being able to think through certain parts of my memories and what has made me the person i am today.

i  have realized the entirety of my lameness BECAUSE for university I’ve been typing out ALOT of my feelings. and as soon as i get lost in my writing i’ll look at the clock and the outcome….and realize i’m kinda proud of myself. that i can write out my problems/experiences and look at a certain aspect of myself and not quickly judge and berate myself NOR praise myself for making such wonderful conclusions. (ah, the life of an anthropologist..)

also, 2nd week of school and i’m continuing to make my “free time” books a priority.

currently reading:

Whipping Girl

Queer History

i love being a geek. ❤


One Response to “i think my prob…”

  1. quratzafar September 7, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

    As a person who just read this short but interesting blog entry, I’d tell you that there is nothing wrong with your blogging. You are who you are and your thoughts count. Keep writing and keep reading. 🙂

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