the good.

28 Oct

i seen my psychologist for the first time. and my parents are willing to pay while my insurance is not.

and i think mypersonal rule of honesty during sessions will help.( i did learn one great thing from myexfriend, that only presenting to a pscychologist  what i want them to see is counterproductive….my exfriend lied and kept alot from her counselor. in my opinion, to appear to be a wonderful well adjusted person and to be rewarded for her  general awesomeness and reassured of it…)

i even went out of the way to let my psych know that i went to her specifically for ….sexuality issues? fear of lesbianism? im not really sure what to call it. just that i threw out the fact im not straight and thats an issue with me. (and i didnt want to happen upon a psychologist who was overtly religious or LGBT hateful; afterall i currently live in a notoriously “conservative” area. my luck would be to go to my first ever meeting with a psychologist and then get berated or see/hear subtle homophobic comments. my aunt’s husband is a constant reminder of how such people exist.)

however, didnt note how that makes me want to scream. or throw up.


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