14 Nov

today was a triumph for me because I went to the viewing of a documentary called “Transgender Tuesdays” which I highly recommend. However, this post isn’t about the documentary and its awesomeness, so please google it. 🙂 

today was a triumph because i actually did something i said i was going to do and didnt find a reason to back out. The triumphant, happy part is afterwards I actually talked to another human being. Who I always think of as my fearless leader. (and no thats not a joke.) shes the leader of the LGBT group Im apart of…..and shes always doing something political. i really do think she spends her day in protest, reading, or just being awesome. 

the most awkward part, was telling my boyfriend about my day. at which one point i was like oh guess who I seen? which was kinda defeated by his lack of guessing….

so i seen the girl there that i previously  talked to/tried to befriend. and my bf naturally asked me why didnt you go and talk to her?

which led to the overall awkwardness of the situation. for whatever reason i try really hard to avoid her (which is a non-issue 99% of the time)  and i just cant talk to her. my brain shuts off completely and i just stare at her. i dont want to embarrass myself or to even get close to the possibility of offending her

to my bf that is as good as an admission of secret love towards said person.

and no surprise hes right. 

i have a crush on someone who a.) doesnot like me or b.) doesnot have any kind of opinion on me

and then theres my boyfriend.


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