unconditional love and families

10 Feb

it hurts me to think that people out there in the world think they know what being a family is about and unconditional love. both of these concepts mean commitment to a person for life and loving someone at their best AND at their worst. being able to be a better person for them and to help them in anyway. i say this because my fiances “family” via her mother disowned her for being too messed up and broken. ( on Facebook) real family doesnt give up or bail when things get ugly. they realize that this is the time more than ever to be there no matter what. my fiance is struggling with bipolar 1 and has only recently begun to see a psychologist and is on the path of getting help and recovering. yet when she needed her family the most they were selfish and said we cant deal. they cant deal because they don’t want to understand help or love.


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