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22 Mar

I can now get legally married in the state I was born/raised/AND living in currently. Thankyou michigan and judge friedman


Psychiatrist and religion

6 Mar

Yesterday I walked into a situation, that I’m looking back on today and thinking you completely deserved that one. K has been seeing this psychiatrist for the past month or so to help treat her bipolar and we both like and get along with him. He doesn’t push multiple pills for each individual problem and he believes K when she talks about side effects and her past treatment by psychiatrists/ how they didn’t believe her. However, there is a catch on course to this compassionate understanding dr, he’s Christian.
Yesterday was the 3rd meeting with him, K told him it was OK to talk about religious spiritual issues. We both were following him until , of course, he got to the gay part.
He was going through how God made people and told them to repopulate the earth and basically asked can you two do this?  Of course not.
Is there anyway you two can just be best friends?  No we can’t.
For me, I do not think it’s rational or cohesive with God to be like well that person is gay or that couple is gay so 1.) They are choosing to be gay and then by being in a relationship their actively gay
2.) Their gayness thus holds them back from God and being saved
3.) Unless a person stops participating in the “gay lifestyle ” they are going to hell.
For me, it just makes sense and I believe that a person can be gay as fuck and god doesn’t love them any less nor does he say you have to stop being gay in order to fully know me. I’ve been looking at articles and blogs by celibate gay Christians and reading testimonies by ex gays. I guess I could say that maybe some ex gays were living a life that wasn’t good for them or others or what God would want for them but I would never say their root sin is being gay. As for celibate Christians I don’t see why it is even really a question if it’s morally sound to be in a relationship or marry. Straight people its practically a given but if your gay it’s no longer a question of love or happiness but your soul…..
Next time I see this psychiatrist I should ask him how insulted he would be if  someone asked him if he could just leave his wife? Or to stop being straight?
At times like this I really do feel like it’s 100% kosher for me to say we’ll I’m gay so I know, your straight so you just aren’t getting it. I can’t just stop being me. I tried the straight thing and it didn’t work. I don’t hate guys I wasn’t molested raped or sexually assaulted. I was gay before I was abused. 
Also YOU Cant Convert people. That’s a god thing.