Siblings and frustration

27 Aug

I can be a very very pushy albeit bitchy individual,  ESPECIALLY when I see someone I love struggle with life.
Sometimes I feel like my family views this as hostile and unnecessary but here me out (after all this is my blog)
My younger sibling he is definitely struggling right now. I have made it clear in the past and present I can and will help him with figuring out his life and making sure he gets where he wants to be.
When he was transitioning from high school to college he gave all these “reasons” to justify going to CC and I was the only who wasn’t buying it. CC can be a great start for people who are unsure or can’t financially afford the hit of a private or state university.
However my brother used CC as a way to not leave home, to avoid people, and to not actually transition from being a high school student to a more independent university student.
Now he is 21 and has transfered from one cc to the next. He was supposed to start university this week…One that was in a downtown and 30 minutes away…
Today I find out…he’s not even going there anymore.
After months of convincing my family that’s where he wanted to be, getting in, and me and K taking
him to orientation. ..He just opted out.
And he won’t even talk about it…
I can tell both of my parents would really like it for him to move out and on but when it comes down to it they will not push.
He does not help around the house, do chores, have a job,  and is now not even going to school. This is the guy that every few months has a new extremely lofty goal.  His newest one being moving to a vague location in California and going to an unnamed university. ..alone. When only a few months ago he had an emotional breakdown. -AN oddity and rarity- for him, because he didn’t want to leave home or my disabled aunt.
To be noted, he has aspergers but refuses to acknowledge it.

I’m the only one who seems concerned….

Anyways, I’m excited to be back in school even part time for this fall and to be actually ON TRACK for graduating.

I’m taking my research anthropology class Of WHICH I get to pick my topic. My advisor/professor/Canadian comedian (seriously she had the entirity of the class laughing/engaged when she was talking and it was syllabus day…) is a unique opportunity because she didn’t get to pick her own topic till she was getting her phd.
I’ve always thought I would automatically being going towards cultural ant and now I’m even looking at exploring bioarchaeology as an option.

Ending note I still miss the UK and museum research.

End rant.


2 Responses to “Siblings and frustration”

  1. DeCaf August 27, 2014 at 10:22 pm #

    That’s worrisome, when young people isolate themselves it can be a sign of them trying to cope with mental illness. Has he been to a doctor lately?

    • colormeanew August 27, 2014 at 10:53 pm #

      Nooooo. He rarely goes to a doctor and I’m very sure that he feels the same way as my parents about seeing a psychologist or therapist. (A not going to happen..ever…unless forced)
      But your right that’s a possibility

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