Religious divide

31 Aug

I can now say I completely understand why other lgbt people have abandoned with the faith tradition they grew up in/ apart of, switched churches, converted to an entirely different religion, or thrown religion out completely.

My faith tradition I was raised in states I have an attraction to the same sex that is unnatural and disordered. If I were to becoming a practicing member again I would have to end my relationship, be celibate,  give up on having biological children entirely AND adoption as well..implicitly I would probably have to stay out of any type of pro lgbt activism and ultimately it would be preferred I kept my ssa to my self.
My straight counterparts do not even have to contemplate denying who they or question this theology because they “fit” just don’t understand.
I have to accept “progressive” churches as being my future, or to walk away…

Two thoughts: isn’t it kind of weird how simply identifying as a member of the

lgbt community is associated in christian circles with being a home wrecker or destroyer of the family? Like being gay suddenly makes you unapproachable because you will ruin their perfection. . 
And then if the lgbt person doesn’t want to be around family members that preach their bigotry on race, gender, homosexuality; your seen as the problem….but it’s socially/morally acceptable to shun the lgbt person? Or to ignore parts of their life that are “immoral”
(((And yes I have been reading a lot of conservative/traditional/ christian blogs….One gem was from a parent whose sibling is gay so she and her husband make sure their kids are never alone with their gay uncle AND one of them is within a few feet at all times, while another asserted their kids would never know this family member is gay and their partner would always be labeled as a friend))))


4 Responses to “Religious divide”

  1. DeCaf August 31, 2014 at 1:05 pm #

    Yeah, my mom was weirded out that my cousin let my wife and I take their kids to the science museum without supervising it. As if it should be assumed that I or my wife is a pedophile.

    Religious conservatives are hard to deal with some days.

    • colormeanew August 31, 2014 at 8:52 pm #

      ………….?!?!?!! That’s pretty horrible…
      That’s another thing I don’t like – the linking of being gay to pedophilia…like priests who molest children are “gay” and that’s why they touch kids….

  2. Clare Flourish October 10, 2014 at 3:52 pm #

    Hello. I saw you at Thriftycatholic, so I thought I would pop over.

    It was striking. There she was, uttering all that homophobic blah, and it meant that we could meet, and see that lovely video.

    Not all Catholics are as bad as her. My friend is not Catholic but goes once a month to his male partner’s Catholic church, comfortably. There is movement even there. And the French bishops have been saying sensible things, recently, though the only link I could find in English describing it was some silly Conservative thing writing as if the Sky was falling.

    • colormeanew October 11, 2014 at 3:18 am #

      Hi! For some reason I keep on trying to talk to her but she really feels like… (((despite not seeming to know lgbt people)) she knows everything about the lgbt community. I guess my biggest problem is she doesn’t see why it’s important for a church to talk to lgbt people instead of about. ..and sweeping generalizations about lgbt people.
      And no I understand that, I mean theres catholics who rather focus on core doctrine and teachings than arguing politics or preaching against lgbt. You know like being charitable, helping others out despite differences.
      my catholic highschool did joint charity work with muslims in the area to promote community and helping others instead of espousing differences.
      Anyways! Thank you 🙂

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