8 May

Ok so heres the deal I just deleted my original post to say bottom line: if you get along with your mom and get manicures once a week and giggle over boys like teenagers together, good for you.

But please have respect for people like me, who do not have that and stop trying to blame it on (me) being a bad child or whatever bullshit…..

Yes I love my mom. Yes I try hard to understand and respect her. Yes the woman either due to faulty birthcontrol or whathaveyou decided to have me, birthed me, cared for me But we just are two very different people. She has my brother to hangout with, go on those fantastic shopping trips, and hair appointment tagalongs. I get the overworked, unhappy, persistently ranting mom who makes jokes at my expense and when I am too honest with my feelings she just shuts me out because she cannot and willnot handle or deal with me. (Yes she has said this)

I am someone for her to rant to on a regular basis, I am someone who goes on errands for her even if it means going out of my way and stopping at yet another location to get exactly what she wants…but we will not be best friends or have this crazy gilmore-esque relationship.

And its not my fault. Its just not in the cards.

So happy mothers days to those lucky ones who are the best of friends and I’m sorry to those who have lost their mothers or donot have a mom in their own life.

I hope one day to join your ranks as well and thats a dream worth remembering and even fighting for. 🙂


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